About Celloptimum


We manufacture our collagen supplements from scratch

We believe in our nutritional supplements because we only use proven ingredients in our products, plus we ALWAYS develop our products ourselves - from idea to finished product!



CELLOPTIMUM uses only the best ingredients, ingredients that in scientific studies have proven to be effective at the cellular level - exactly what the name Celloptimum stands for.



CELLOPTIMUM is committed to openness through education and communication. We strive to be crystal clear in what we offer, why and how we offer it.



In addition to offering you premium supplements, CELLOPTIMUM also wants to increase your own knowledge of how to live a long and healthy life that contributes to health and beauty, from the inside out. We do this through education and information, here on our site! 


Proven science

At CELLOPTIMUM we are not interested in trends, or temporary solutions - but we are interested in long lasting results. We are interested in scientifically based nutrition. We want to know what works, how it works and why it works, long before we decide to manufacture a dietary supplement. CELLOPTIMUM collaborates with nutritional researchers and experts who develop new ingredients and we study their clinical results to determine the most effective way to produce the desired results.


Ingredients with the highest quality

CELLOPTIMUM always looks for the best ingredients that have been grown, studied and developed all over the world. To deliver results that are consistent with research, we strive to use ingredients that are registered trademarks of our products, tailored to the specific ingredient and strength, studied in clinical trials. CELLOPTIMUMS raw material suppliers always test the quality of their raw materials.


Transparency and education

At CELLOPTIMUM, we are dedicated to ear your trust through openness, transparency and education. Sure, we list all the ingredients in each product, describe how the product works and can cite studies that support what we claim about the product. But we give you much more than that. We provide easy-to-understand product pages with facts - that can answer most of your questions: What is it? How does it work? Why should I take it? And if there is anything that you do not get answers to, through the information on our site, you are always welcome you to contact us. We always answer! Looking for more scientific explanations? We retrieve all our information from scientific evidence and have references with links in our texts, which support these statements.


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