Dietary supplements from Celloptimum - always CLEAN LABEL


Registered trademarks®

We mainly use ingredients that are registered trademarks®, and dosages in our dietary supplements, which in scientific studies have given successful results, i.e. we use ingredients that are clinically proven to work for what is claimed. You can often see manufacturers making the claim "clinically tested" or "clinically studied" for their products. This says nothing about the result, it can just as easily show no effect.


Dietary supplements with optimal dosage of active ingredients

For us, it is important that our dietary supplements contain the amount of active substance needed, in order to achieve the best possible results, in other words we do not skimp on the content of our products!


We only use ingredients with documented effect and with a CLEAN LABEL

We do not use unnecessary ingredients in our products; for us, it is important that each ingredient contained in the product should add some value to you, or contribute important properties to the product itself. That being said, would never put fillers, additives or other unnecessary ingredients in our supplements that don't do your body any good - WE CALL IT CLEAN LABEL!


Celloptimum only use ingredients from serious manufacturers

It is important as a consumer to choose your dietary supplement from a reliable and reputable manufacturer, as a dietary supplement of poor quality, can do more harm than good! It is not easy as a consumer to know what to think about and look for, it is a jungle of products and an unregulated market, i.e. there is no requirement that dietary supplements must be tested before you as a consumer put them in your body - that is why we at CELLOPTIMUM have already thought of all this for you! We only choose our ingredients from reputable manufacturers.


Celloptimum only use premium quality ingredients

The ingredients we choose for our dietary supplements to contain have a focus on purity and optimal function for the body. We primarily choose suppliers who invest in scientific validation of their ingredients. Celloptimum's supplements only contain ingredients with premium quality!

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