Hair loss after pregnancy supplements

The best natural supplements without additives for thinning hair and hair loss after pregnancy

Many women experience their hair falling out during pregnancy or after giving birth. Telogen effluvium is the hair loss that occurs one to five months after pregnancy. Hair loss during pregnancy is also not uncommon, affecting somewhere between 40-50% of women; but like most changes during pregnancy, this is fortunately only temporary. About a year after giving birth, most women regain their normal hair again. Hair shedding is caused by falling estrogen levels.

Prenatal vitamins and supplements with collagen will not prevent hair loss, but they can support new hair growth and maintain the hair's texture and healthy appearance. As well as helping you regain thick and full hair faster after a pregnancy.

Our popular marine collagen with extra added silica, hyaluronic acid and vitamin C is an optimal collagen supplement to take to regain thick hair faster after pregnancy.

Dietary supplements for thinning hair and hair loss after pregnancy


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