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Your gut is a complex system of organs that can have a real impact on how you think and feel. From your outlook to your immune system, skin and hormonal balance – your health and wellness starts with your gut. This supplements based on collagen with other gutfriendly ingredients will help you take care of your gut, so you can build a strong foundation for your health.

Collagen for a healthy gut

Do you have a problem-stomach or intestines that gives you problem? Do you have a bloated stomach? Do you belong to the category of people who do not go to the toilet regularly, but that is your wish? Or do you have other problems with your stomach and intestines that you can not get over? Keep reading and start with collagen! For how nice it would not be with a well-functioning stomach and intestines!

Since ancient times, bone broth and gelatin have been used to cure digestive problems. However, it was only recently that researchers revealed the science behind the nutritional value of this food: collagen! The unique structural properties and collagen's amino acid profile mean that this special protein gives you many fantastic health benefits, especially when it comes to your gastrointestinal health. This includes i.a. to reduce inflammation in the intestine, heal stomach ulcers, help with digestion and regulate stomach acid. Those who have been taking collagen supplements regularly for a long time (a few months), can sign on how well their stomach and intestines are! Continue reading if you want to learn more about the benefits of collagen for your gastrointestinal health!



Collagen is a special type of structural protein that contains lots of useful amino acids. In fact, it is the most common protein in the body; it makes up 90% of your connective tissue and your organic bone mass, and 70% of your skin. The protein holds virtually your entire body together. As we approach the age of 25, our body begins to produce less collagen, which leads to what we consider to be signs of aging: wrinkles, sagging skin, weaker joints and bones.

While many people associate collagen with its beauty benefits, which this amazing protein actually has for your hair, skin and nails, there is so much collagen can do for your gastrointestinal health! The amino acid profile of collagen is ultimate in contributing to healthy gastrointestinal health, and much more. Here are five of the biggest benefits that collagen peptides have for your gastrointestinal health:


  • Collagen regulates gastric acid secretion

Collagen has been shown to regulate the secretion of gastric juices by ensuring enough acid for proper digestion. Collagen protein also prevents an excess of gastric juices, which can lead to heartburn, stomach ulcers and other painful digestive problems caused by an overly acidic environment.


  • Collagen helps to heal stomach ulcers

Glycine, hydroxyproline and lysine, the three main amino acids in collagen, can help heal the lining of the stomach and prevent stress-induced stomach ulcers through its positive effect on the central nervous system. Studies have identified glycine as an effective inhibitor of gastric ulcers through its ability to prevent harmful gastric secretions in the stomach (1).


  • Collagen helps with digestion

Another benefit that collagen has for the gut is that the protein helps with digestion. Because collagen is a hydrophilic molecule, it has an attraction to water and acidic molecules, which aid the digestive process. When you ingest collagen, the protein surrounds itself with water and stomach acid as it moves through the gastrointestinal tract, which helps with the breakdown of other proteins and carbohydrates in the intestine. In addition, by holding water in the intestine, collagen helps to "move" the food you eat, through the GI tract more smoothly.


  • Helps repair the intestinal and the peritoneum

Want to know how to heal the intestinal and the peritoneum? Try supplementing with collagen peptides! Science has identified collagen synthesis as an important component in the process of repairing and healing the lining of the intestines. When there is an injury or inflammation in the intestinal membranes, new smooth muscle cells are made to heal the peritoneum and intestinal wall. Researchers have found that collagen production in the gut is greatest when smooth muscle cells are generated during healing. Thus, collagen is an important component for healing the intestinal wall. Supplementation with collagen can help repair and heal the peritoneum (2).


  • Collagen heals "leaky gut" and IBS

Have you considered supplementing your diet with collagen to heal a "leaky gut"? Glutamine, one of the amino acids in collagen, has been identified as the most important amino acid to prevent inflammation in the gut and helps in the healing of a "leaky gut". Glutamine has been linked to preventing inflammation and oxidative stress, which can be linked to a “leaky gut. Studies have found reduced collagen levels in individuals with an imbalance in their digestion. Specifically, there is a link between inflammatory bowel disease and decreased serum collagen levels (3). Collagen protein supplementation is the key to relieving indigestion.



We have mentioned that collagen peptides in particular are very useful in giving your gut the benefits mentioned above, and now you may be wondering what "peptides" are. Collagen peptides are a specific form of collagen in which the protein has been hydrolyzed, and therefore can be dissolved in virtually any liquid, hot or cold. Collagen peptides are broken down to low molecular weight, which means that they are very small and thus much easier to digest and absorb for your body!



Ingesting collagen is actually incredibly easy. If you want to take control of your gastrointestinal health, it may be time to start implementing collagen in your diet. Thank goodness, it's super easy! Supplementing with collagen peptides daily can help your body replenish collagen levels and support your gastrointestinal health. Collagen can be integrated into a variety of recipes. From baked desserts to sweet smoothies to tasty stews, you can add your daily collagen supplement to a wide range of delicious dishes, while giving your gut the protein boost it may need.

So now you know that collagen peptides are rich sources of the amino acids glycine, glutamine and hydroxyproline, and they can help heal your stomach, support digestion and prevent stress-induced stomach ulcers. In other words, collagen is the most important ingredient in a healthy and strong digestive system. It's time to heal your gut with collagen peptides!

A big plus is that you also get a more beautiful skin, healthier hair and stronger nails at the same time!

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