Long nails supplements

The best natural supplements without additives for long nails

Biotin and other B-vitamins like folate and vitamni B12 are essential for healthy long nails. Vitamin C and iron are also essential for nail growth. You can get all of these nutrients from a healthy diet or take supplements. Supplementing with collagen peptides also promotes nail growth rate and a decrease in the frequency of broken nails.

Taking a keratin supplement can help to strengthen your nails and make them less likely to break or split. Keratin is an essential component of nail growth, so taking a supplement can help to encourage the growth of longer, healthier nails.

Silica helps deliver essential vitamins and nutrients to our nails to help them grow stronger and long.

Iron deficiency is relatively common and can be a reason why your nails don't grow long. Also lack of biotin, folate, vitamin B12, zinc and vitamin D can lead to nails that do not want to grow. Nutrients such as collagen, silica and keratin are also important substances for long nails.

Dietary supplements to get long nails


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