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Silica is an important component of collagen and elastin, two proteins in the body. Collagen holds together the tissues of the body and elastin contributes to a more firm skin!

Silica is also found in the protein keratin, which is the protein that is the main building block of the hair. Silica is transported through the blood to the hair follicles where the hair is formed, increasing the nutrient supply and contributing to a hair that is more shiny and with more volume.

Silica balances the sex hormones. Men and women have both testosterone and estrogen in their bodies, but in varying proportions. When the balance of these hormones does not work and a person has too much of one of the hormones or too little of the other, then hair is one of the things that is affected first, which can lead to hair loss.

Silica is also important for the transport of nutrients to the hair follicles. The mineral has a unique ability to bind with many other nutrients in the body and transport the substances in the bloodstream, and further to the scalp, but also to other parts of the body.

Silica the THE MINERAL OF BEAUTY - (silicon dioxide) - is a common ingredient in beauty products and dietary supplements for skin, hair and nails. The mineral contributes to:

  • Firm and elastic skin
  • Thick and shiny hair
  • Strong nails
  • Flexible joints
  • Healthy connective tissue
  • Healthy bone formation


Do not wait until you see signs on your face and hair that you are getting older! Do not wait until the hair has thinned out, split and becomes gray and brittle, and loses all luster! Do not wait until your skin becomes wrinkled, dry and inelastic. Do not wait until your nails become thin, easily broken and fall off. It is possible to prevent this from occurring - the secret weapon is - organic silica from bamboo!

Silica, even known as silicon dioxide, is the second most common element on earth and the third richest trace element in the human body. Silica contributes to stronger bones, increased joint flexibility, healthier hair, improved skin elasticity and stronger nails. Silica also enhances the overall health benefits of vitamin D, glucosamine and calcium, making it a versatile complement to your diet.

Silicon dioxide is a naturally occurring mineral found in water, plant and animal sources. Plant sources provide much higher levels of silicon dioxide than animal sources, and bamboo has the richest amount of silicon dioxide of any plant. In fact, bamboo contains ten times as much silicon dioxide as the more well-known horsetail and stinging nettle plants. For hundreds of years, Indian Ayurvedic medicine and Chinese herbal medicine societies have prescribed bamboo extract as an effective remedy for treating psoriasis, promoting bone healing, soothing skin burns and healing wounds.


Silicon dioxide is the "mineral of beauty" and promotes a skin with radiance and increased elasticity, gives healthy and strong nails and faster hair growth with more shine!


A study conducted by the "Universidade de São Paulo", Brazil, suggests that silicon dioxide is necessary for optimal collagen synthesis and activation of hydroxylation enzymes, which improves the skin's strength and elasticity. Regarding hair benefits, it was reported that higher silicon dioxide content in the hair fibers results in lower hair loss and increased luster in the hair. The nails are also affected by the presence of silicon dioxide as this is the dominant mineral in their composition.

The study explains that the first available silicon dioxide was from horsetail, which contains a lower proportion of silicon dioxide 5-8%, while silicon dioxide from the bamboo plant provides as much as 70% silica (1). Silicon dioxide has a restorative effect on many of the body's tissues. An important influence on the absorption of minerals that are necessary for the general health of our body. Silicon dioxide naturally increases the body's own presence of iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium and boron, which is necessary for optimal skeletal development.



  • Supports collagen production that contributes to a healthy and youthful skin
  • Improves skin elasticity
  • Increases connective tissue
  • Relieves eczema and psoriasis
  • Helps prevent hair loss
  • Promotes hair growth
  • Improves hair condition & shine
  • Protects and strengthens the nails
  • Strengthens the skeleton
  • Helps to optimize general flexibility in the joints


Your body struggles daily with irritating substances and stress from the physical world and environment in which you live, which often results in depleted nutritional levels that need to be replenished. Defend yourself and keep your body in good health and increased beauty by eating organic silica from bamboo!



When looking for a dietary supplement, make sure it does not contain any unnecessary or unhealthy additives, fillers or other substances that do not give you any beauty or health benefits. 

And remember that when it comes to dietary supplements, you get what you pay for! Never compromise on your health or beauty! Our product COLLAGEN - SKIN & HAIR COMPLEX™ contains no additives or other unnecessary substances! The product contains ONLY fish collagen, vitamin C, hyaluronic acid and organic silica from bamboo!

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